DFJ Tuition & Rates 2018 - updated June 18th

Dancing For Joy Rates – ’18-’19

Effective June 18th, 2018

 Registration Fee:(required to hold space in class) $25 per year/per family

*These rates are good through Summer of 2019.

Class Rates: 

First Student – 1 Class hr (4 Classes)                       $60/month

            Additional students or classes                       $50/month

            45 Minute Class                                               $45/month

            15 Minute Additional over an hour               $15/month    


Unlimited Class Rates

                  First Student                                             $275/month

                  Second Student                                        $215/month

                  Third Student                                            $155/month

                  Fourth Student                                          $95/month

                  Fifth Student                                             $35/month


Performance Fee: TT – Level 2                                         $65 /per class

Performance Fee: Level 3-6                                              $85/per class

Drop-in Rate:                                                                     $20 /per class


First Class Free:

Boys Tech & Boys Partnering                    Free when enrolled in another class


Adult Workshop Series:                                                     $55/5 Week Workshop

Drop In - Summer Programs                                             10 class card $100

(Expires 3 Yrs. - Date of Purchase)                                   5 class card $70

Summer Program Unlimited per student                          $375/ (9 wks)                   


Tickets:                                                              $15 Balcony, $18 Main Level

Private Lesson Rate                                                         $30 per ½ hr. $60 per hr.

Individual Studio Rental                                                  $30 per hr.

(personal use only)


Jubilee Tuition                                                                 $375 per year

Jubilee Gear Fee                                                              $125 per year

Jubilee Retreat                                                                 $150 - one time fee 

(required, except rare circumstances)