Orcheo Dance Company

ORCHEO -  Contemporary Dance Company

Orcheo means to dance - originally signified "to lift up," as of the feet; hence, "to leap with regularity of motion." The words ‘orchestra’ derives from Orcheo as a place in which the chorus of dancers, singers, and musicians would perform in front of the stage.  As we move through different translations and languages we also get more root words like chorus & choreo. As performing arts have changed over time the words have been shaped with new meaning as well.  Choreo has taken on meaning of dancing in Unison or dancing together.  More literally translated Choreography means “dance writing” or “dance composition”.

Orcheo Dance Company - symbolizes our roots as artists, being harmonious together in motion, and lifting up others - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 


ORCHEO Dance Company is a dance company for adults 18 years of age and older.  The Orcheo Dance Company offers an opportunity for dancers to continue training and performing, even after they have graduated from high school or taking a gap year before college.  It is a collective of adult dancers that are committed to dance and is designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of school, work and other life commitments.

Orcheo Dance company members are eligible for ‘Dancing For Joy’s Pre-Professional Program’ which is designed for those pursuing a career in performing arts.  While a part of the pre-professional program dancers will be encouraged to apply and audition for other professional companies, dance programs, & dance opportunities around the country.  Whether you are pursuing a teaching career, or a performance career in the arts the pre-professional program is a great launching platform.

Mission Statement

The mission of ORCHEO DANCE COMPANY is to celebrate who God created us to be as we move together in harmony, lifting each other up - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Together we reclaim dance as a venue for enriching our lives, blessing others, and praising God.

Achieving That Mission

  • We are professional.

  • Our focus is to reclaim the art of dance for the glory of God.

  • We provide a healthy and safe outlet for adult dancers to expand strengths, work on weaknesses, and build confidence in a loving and encouraging environment.

  • We encourage opportunities for technical excellence and personal growth that take us outside the studio walls and into the world we live in.

  • We maintain a high standard of commitment to rehearsal and technique classes.

  • We use choreography, music, and costumes that are appropriate.

  • We place an emphasis on using dance as a way to serve God and others.

Requirements of a Company Member 

  1. Must Audition and be Accepted  & Sign Code of Conduct.

*Please fill out your audition form and turn it into the office any time prior to the audition.

  1. Attend Company Classes/Rehearsals

Company Class/Rehearsal will be once/week.  Our time will look as follows:

Saturdays - Example

9:30 - 10:00 - Prayer/Devotion Time

10:00 - 10:30 - Warm Up - CATS CLASS (Conditioning, Alignment, Technique, & Strength)

10:30 - 1:00 - Choreography/Rehearsal - 2.5 hour Rehearsal

  1. Attend Weekly Technique Classes - Company members must be enrolled in at least three classes at Dancing For Joy.  One must be a Ballet Class. 

  2. Dancers are expected to be fully active members of all their classes.   

  3. Participate in Dance Company Performances around the community.  
    Please expect on average of once a month, but may be more or less due to scheduling and events.  The Company will perform at various churches, and events, in the Pacific Northwest, and will also work towards an annual mission trip somewhere in the United States or in another country.  Will perform in the March Benefit Show & DFJ’s End of Year Show (will not be in the Nativity Show as a company - possibly by invitation).

Eligibility Policy

Dancers must be 18, and graduated from high school. A written appeal may be submitted if dancer’s birthday is after Sept. 1st, but before Oct. 1st, and has shown readiness in dance and attitude to be considered for an early tryout (still must be graduated from high school).

*DFJ Directors  reserve the right to reconsider a dancer’s eligibility for Orcheo at any time, but especially for the following reasons:  A dancer’s attitude does not reflect respect towards others, a spirit of apathy, questionable judgement resulting in breaking the code of conduct, or multiple unexcused absences.

*DFJ also reserves the right to add members,  at any time and for any reason.

Company Size

Minimum - 4, Ideal - 8, Max - 12


Will Consist of 4 parts:

*Ballet Combination,

*Modern/Contemporary Combination, and a

*A minute and a half (90 Seconds) piece choreographed by the student in either ballet, lyrical, contemporary or modern.

*Short individual Interview.

Time & Location of Audition


Dancing For Joy - Bellingham Campus

Audition Day

  1. Make sure you have filled out the Orcheo Audition form and turned it in at the office.

  2. Must be 18 years old as of Sept. 1

  3. Proper Audition Attire:  Ladies - Pink tights, Black Leo, Ballet shoes, & Hair in a bun

                                                           Men - Black tights, black tank, ballet shoes

  1. Come to the office to receive an audition number, and then begin warming up in an open studio. (we recommend arriving 15-25 minutes early)

  2. Teachers will teach audition groups combinations, in Ballet and Modern/Contemporary, and then dancers will perform in groups of three or less.

  3. Please come with a 1.5 minute contemporary, modern, ballet or lyrical dance solo piece of your own choreography featuring yourself as the soloist.

  4. There will be a panel of judges.  Judges critique stage presence, technique, teachability, focus, effort, attitude, willingness, and memorization of steps.

  5. Dancers will be brought back for individual interviews after the dance auditions.

  6. Results will be posted by audition number on our website by 3pm the day after the auditions.  Invitations to join a specific company group will be sent out via email.  Please respond within 48 hours if you will be accepting the invitation.  For those who do not make the company we will send out an email of what the dancer needs to work on.

*There are many variables that go into dancer placement (ie. age, number of dancers that try-out, past trainability, attitude, technique, emotional capacity, confidence, fluidity, group cohesiveness, group dynamics, group size, strength, work ethic, leadership, dedication, experience, class levels they are currently in, past attendance and participation.   We ask that you respect our placement decisions. We strive to push every dancer to be the best dancer and person that they can be.  


Orcheo Tuition         $250
Orcheo Gear Fee     $125

*Teachers who teach 3 or more classes with Dancing For Joy receive tuition at 50%,but do not get a discount on the Gear Fee.
*There may be additional costs incurred for any retreats and travel.
*This is not a ‘paid to perform’ company.

Company Staff

Executive Director- Kurt Vander Griend
Artistic Director - Maluhia Vander Griend
Orcheo Leader - AJ Semiday

Out of the Country Possible Mission Trip - Raising Own Support

Costa Rica - Connections
Africa - where we have our well sponsorships
Amsterdam - Connections 


*Our goal at this time is to start a non-profit branch for our performing companies, so that we can assist in fundraising efforts for mission trips, offer scholarships, and assist with travel and retreats etc...