Monthly Payment Schedule – (due by 1st, late by 10th of each month)

Each monthly payment, pays for 4 weeks b/w the following dates:

September   4 weeks (Monday, August 28th – Saturday, September 23rd)
October       4 weeks (Monday, September 25th – Saturday, October 21st)
November    4 weeks (Monday, October 23rd – Saturday, November 18th)
December    4 weeks (Monday, November 20th – Saturday, December 16th)
January     4 weeks (Monday, January 1st – Saturday, January 27th)
February   4 weeks (Monday, January 29th – Saturday, February 24th)
March       4 weeks (Monday, February 26th – Saturday, March 24th)
April         4 weeks (Monday, March 26th – Saturday, April 21st)
May         4 weeks (Monday, April 23rd – Saturday, May 19th)
June       4 weeks (Monday, May 21st – Saturday, June 16th)