Tuition Rates for 2016-17 School Year


Registration Fee: (required to hold space in class) $25 per year/per family
* These rates are good through Summer of 2017. A “month” for billing purposes is 4 weeks.

Class Rates:

First Student – 1 hr. class/per week $55/month
Additional Students or Additional 45 min. classes $45/month

Unlimited Dance Class Rates (5 or more classes)

First Student $215/month
Second Student $115/month
Each additional Student $75/month

Performance Fees:
$65 per show, in addition to tuition, for All Dancing For Joy Classes

Drop in Fee Fees:
$20 per class 
$60 for a 5 class punch card
$90 for a 10 class punch card

$50 per person/ no registration fee

Private Lessons:
$60 for 60 minute lesson
$30 for 30 minute lesson
- 2 weeks advanced notice required
- Up to 3 students can split a lesson, each additional student is $10 per hour

* If you have never had a Dancing For Joy class before, come in and enjoy your first class for free!!

* Anyone on unlimited rates or with a bill over $200 per month must be on an automatic payment plan.
* Late Fees are assessed, per month based on total amount owed - $5 if b/w $0-$100, $10 b/w $100-200 owing, $15 b/w $200-$300 owing, etc...