Jubilee Information Packet.  

Audition Information for the 2021/22 School year.

Auditioning for the dance company will be done over two days and in 1 hour time slots:
- Saturday, June 19th

Please sign up in a slot according to your grade group.  Your grade is the grade you will be entering in the fall.  Each group will have 14 students maximum to allow for safe social distancing during the audition process.  A $20 audition fee will be due at the time of registration.  Online registration available Friday, May 7th.  

June 19th Time Slots:
 9-10:15 - 7th/8th
10:30-11:45 - 9th - 12th
12:00-1:15 - 7th/8th
1:30-2:00 - Staff Break
2:00-3:15 - 9th - 12th
3:30-4:45 - 9th - 12th

About Us 

Jubilee means: “A joyful time; a time or season of celebration!”  Jubilee Dance Company is an extension program and ministry of Dancing For Joy.  It is time to dance for joy and celebrate who God created us to be as we move together to bless our Maker.  

The Jubilee Dance Company is made up of 4 groups of 6 to 10 dancers each; the Junior group, Intermediate group, Senior group, and Principal group.  Each group participates in increased training in technique, performance, choreography, and professionalism in order to dance for others in the broader community.  

Together we reclaim and encourage dance as a venue for enriching our lives, blessing others, and praising God.

Achieving that mission

  • We are non-competitive yet professional.
  • Our focus is to reclaim the art of dance in the Pacific Northwest, WA, Whatcom county, and Bellingham for the glory of God.
  • We provide a healthy and safe outlet for young dancers to expand strengths, work on weaknesses, and build confidence in a loving and encouraging environment.
  • We encourage opportunities for technical excellence and personal growth that take us outside the studio walls and into the world we live in.
  • We maintain a high standard of commitment to rehearsal and technique classes.
  • We have team building times, devotions, and prayer times.
  • We use choreography, music, and costumes that are appropriate.
  • We place an emphasis on using dance as a way to serve God and others.
  • We will divide company members up by age, style, ability levels, years in the company, and availability to foster growth through different dance experiences. Some members may be asked to participate with multiple groups throughout a school year and/or in specific dances.  We may also have understudies for different dance works. 
  • Veteran company members have increased opportunity to choreograph, perform, be team leaders, judicators, camp counselors, and have solos etc…

Eligibility Policy

In order to be eligible for the Jubilee Dance Company:  Dancers must be age 12 by Sept. 1st of the tryout session.  An appeal may be granted if dancers birthday is after Sept. 1st, but before Oct. 1st and has shown readiness in dance and attitude to be considered for an early tryout.

Also, dancers who have graduated high school, or are age 19 by Sept. 1st are ineligible to audition for the upcoming year. An appeal may be granted if dancers 19th birthday is after July 1st, and they still are in high school during that school year.


Dance Company members will have the opportunity to perform an average of once a month throughout the year.  The Company usually performs annually at the Dance-Bellingham-Dance (a Young LIfe Event), The Ferry Terminal, Christmas Show (MBT), March Benefit Showcase, Ski to Sea Grand Parade, and June Show (MBT). 

Other performances that Jubilee has participated in the past, and may take part in are as follows: Lights of Christmas, Christian School Chapels, Dance Blast at BHS, The Leopold, Kids Fest, Get Movin’, Nursing Homes, Christian Dance Symposium, WWU Basketball Games, Churches, Worship Conferences, Auctions, and other similar venues.