2021/22 Dancing For Joy Rates

Tuition is based on the number of weekly dance hours and due on the first of each *month.
The *monthly total will vary depending on how many weeks your class meets in the month.  (For example, some months may have 5 weeks, December will only have 2-3 weeks, etc.)

For the first class, the hourly rate is $15.
For 2-5.75 weekly class hours, the rate is $12.50/hour.
If your total weekly hours are between 6-10.75, you will receive a 10% discount off total tuition.
If your total weekly hours are between 11-15, you will receive a 15% discount off total tuition.

There is no additional charge for class hours exceeding 15 per week.

Siblings receive a $2.50 per week discount on their first hour long class.  

See a table of calculations here.