A huge part of Dancing For Joy is community.  We value it.  Our coffee shop is proof of that!  We have a sit down area where people can enjoy a cup of coffee and share a great conversation. We invite people to be a part of things: like, building wells in Africa, the re-telling of the nativity story through dance at Christmas, and shows that are more than "recitals".  The bottom line is that we care about kids, and who they grow up to be: Artists! Creators! Dancers!  The art of motion is not just for the elite few who can make it as a career - it is for everyone who enjoys dance, and finds joy in dance.  All are welcome to be a part of the giving and artful community of Dancing For Joy.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people that make up Dancing For Joy!  It is not an entity in and of itself, but a larger community of people that make it what it is.  Thank you Teachers, Office Staff, Students, and Parents for your continued involvement and support.  Dancing For Joy would not exist without all of you!

Sweet Water Wells - Building wells in Africa

We are dedicated to continue to do what we feel called to at dancing for joy, and making a difference in the world while we do it.  Do what you love to aid what you hate.  We hate that there are so many people in the world without the basic need of clean water.  Millions die per year because of drinking water that is unsanitary.  Over 60% of our bodies are made of water, yet so many people cannot rehydrate themselves with a clean water.  This basic need, has called us as a community to continually raise money to build wells in Africa, clean water wells for communities that are without clean water.  Dancing for Joy has built 2 wells so far and are well into our third well.  GPS coordinates will be available soon, as to the exact locations of the wells we have sponsored in Ethiopia.  If you feel led to participate in this effort financially or in other ways, please donate or ask how you can support the building of these wells at our office.  Thanks.

We raise money: Donating all of our tips from our coffee shop, raising awareness in the community, selling bottled water at our coffee shop, we have a benefit show every March near World Water Day, Special Promotions, Bake Sales, & an on-going donation area at our studio (for every dollar donated, you get to put a blue marble in a Jerry Can - It represents a drop of clean water for people that are without it).

Our partner is Evangeline International: And their program is called sweet water wells.  Every dollar goes directly to building these wells.  No monies are kept for overhead.