Conditioning, alignment, technique and strengthening. *This is a non-performing class.

Ages: 10-adult

*Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

PBT is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best. *This is a non-performing class.

Ages: 7-adult


Ballet offers fundamental dance training through ballet rhythms, vocabulary, placement, footwork, and technique. Students will learn combinations at the barre and across the floor.

Ages: 7-adult

Boys Technique

This is a ballet & movement class designed just for boys! This class will offer the same fundamental training as our other ballet classes such as ballet rhythms, vocabulary, placement, footwork, and technique.

Ages: 7-adult


This is a movement interpretation style of dance. Fluidity of motion, personal artistry, and drama through movement to convey an idea or story.

Ages: 7-adult

Creative Movement

This class is designed to encourage creativity, build self-esteem, develop motor skills, and provide social interaction in a fun environment!

Ages: 2-4

Hip Hop

Hip Hop offers a combination of current dance styles and trends. Students will work on various combinations in this high energy class!

Ages: 7-adult

Hippity Hop

Early introduction and exploration for littles to the popular dance of Hip Hop.

Ages: 3-5


Students will learn combinations, stretching, technique, and vocabulary while building strength and flexibility.

Ages: 7-adult

Lyrical Expression

Lyrical Expression is a class for students who would like to express and/or explore their faith through movement. The Lyrical technique falls between ballet and modern, and the style will focus on the lyrics of the faith driven music.

This class will include a brief discussion time about the themes and ideas in the lyrics. Students will be expected to be able to execute the level of technique that corresponds with the level.
Ages: 7-adult

Musical Theater

This class is designed for those who enjoy the combination of singing, dancing, and acting.

Ages: 7-adult


Students must be enrolled in at least two Ballet classes per week (Ballet III,IV or V) to take this class. Those who have had Pointe training elsewhere may take this class. Must take 2 30min. pointe classes, they count as 1 class hour.

Pre-approval required.


This class allows exploration and introduction to Ballet.

Ages: 5-7

Pre-Hip Hop

This class allows exploration and introduction to the popular dance of Hip Hop.

Ages: 5-7


This class is filled with Tap exercises and improvisations. Learn how to make clean, sharp, and distinct sounds and rhythms with your feet.

Ages: 7-adult
*Adult classes are non-performing

Tiny Twirlers

Introduction to dance class and learning to move and groove while following instruction in a fun and creative learning environment.

Ages: 2-4

Weekly Class Schedule - Bellingham Only

Weekly Class Schedule - Lynden Only