Pre-Professional Program

The pre-professional program is an immersive program for serious-minded, and highly motivated, aspiring dancers who want to focus more time and energy on dance.  For individuals who desire to hone their skills and further prepare them to have a career in the performing arts, or other related paths that require collaborative effort, public poise, artistic expression and/or knowledge of the human body.


It is specifically designed for those who have or are willing to have alternative schooling options, such as:  Homeschooling, on-line schooling, running start, or other partnership programs.



The goal of the pre-professional program is not just to create dancers, but to create successful employable adults over a broad spectrum of possible artistic careers.  Helping bridge the gap between pre-professional and professional - we aim to help dancers transition to other dance related opportunities, studies, or careers.  The goal is to elevate technique at a faster pace, to explore the dancers artistic voice, and to empower dancers to reach towards their personal goals. 


These non-performing 3-hour sessions will revolve around advancement in: 

Technique, consistency, control, creativity, conditioning, improvisation, poise, discipline, musicality, articulation, alignment, strong work ethic, teamwork, self-expression, confidence, strength building, audition preparation, artistic development, wellness/nutrition, anatomy, choreography, music theory, and a passion for dance.


Requirements & Eligibility – (No Additional Audition Required)

*Senior, Principal Jubilee or the Orcheo Dance Company (no exceptions)

*Enrolled in or teaching more than 6 classes per week 

*Boys & Girls must be in Pas De Deux 

*Boys must take ‘boys technique’

*Females must be on or have been on Pointe (some exceptions and considerations may be made)

*Unlimited class student 

*Ages 13+

*There must be at least 4 people enrolled for this program to continue

*There will be a maximum of 22 people allowed to be a part of this program



*3+ weeks of dance intensives during the summer. 

*3+ auditions for summer intensives or companies per year, for exposure.


Time & Location 

Pre-professional Classes are 3 hours from 12:15-3:15, M, T, Th in studio 4.

Progressing Ballet Technique Classes are 3 hours from 12:15-3:15, W,F in studio 4.





Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is something that is incorporated throughout all of our ballet program.  We have a longer, focused, non-performing technique program during the day for those who are available for 3 hours between 12:15-3:15.  It's open to all Dance Company Members and is offered on Wednesday and Fridays.  It's a great way to enhance/boost your ballet technique and put you on the fast track.


Cost - This is in addition to our regular program costs.

(Dance Company Eligible – 3 hour additional, non-performing technique classes)

Pre-Professional Program (Senior, Principal & Orcheo eligible only)

                  *Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 12:15-3:15pm

Progressing Ballet Technique & Ballet Level 3-6 (non-performing) 

(All Dance Company Members eligible)

                  *Wednesday, Friday @ 12:15-3:15pm


1 Session per week       (3hrs/wk)            $75/month (12 hrs./month)

2 Sessions per week     (6hrs/wk)           $125/month (24 hrs./month)

3 Session per week       (9 hrs/wk)           $175/month (36 hrs./month)

4+ Session per week (12-15 hrs/wk)      $225/month (48-60 hrs./month)   

         *sessions are 3 hours each. M-F, 12:15-3:15


*No additional gear fee.


*There may be additional performing opportunities for the pre-professional program group on an as needed basis.

*Some possible additional Costs may arise (Master Classes, Field Trips, Auditions, Costuming, gear, activities for dance related events or performances)

*There are no performance fees or make-ups associated with this program.  These are not performing classes, They are technique and alternative dance education classes.


Example of Professional Directions:


Dancing professionally, 

Going to a conservatory,

Attending a college dance programs 

(Pursuing, physical or dance therapy, 

kinesiology or sports management, 

health and nutrition fields, etc.)

MFA in Arts with focus on Dance, 

Choreography track 

(musical theater, dance productions) 

Performance track (cruise lines, Disney, 

Dance Teams, with music artists) 

Teaching Dance at a Studio