What to Wear

Class:  Creative Movement, Tiny Twirlers

white or DFJ t-shirt
black sweats or stretch pants
black ballet slippers or black jazz shoes

ballet leotard (any color)
pink tights, (skirt is optional)
pink ballet slippers

Class: all Ballet and Pre-Ballet, all Pointe, Pre-Ballet/ Jazz, Boys Technique

dance shirt (no print)
black stretch pants
black ballet slippers

ballet leotard (any color)
pink tights, (skirt is optional)
pink ballet shoes
*Hair pulled back in ponytail. 
*Hair in a bun for Level II-V students.

Class: all Jazz and Pre-Jazz, Gotta Sing Gotta Dance

Boys & Girls
black jazz pants, stretch pants or bike shorts
tank top or t-shirt (any color)
black Jazz shoes

Class: all Hip Hop and Pre-Hip Hop

Boys & Girls
black jazz pants, stretch pants, bike shorts or warm-up pants
tank top or t-shirt (any color)
black jazz shoes or white soled tennis shoes

Class: all Tap and Pre-Tap

Boys & Girls
black jazz pants, stretch pants, bike shorts or warm-up pants
tank top or t-shirt (any color)
black tap shoes

Class: all Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theater, Contemporary

Boys & Girls
any comfortable clothing (except jeans)
jazz shoes, ballet shoes or barefoot


  • There are no jeans or street shoes permitted in the studio.
  • Sweatshirts can be worn for warm-ups.

10 Rules & Guidelines for Students

  • Have fun!
  • Come prepared, dressed, and on time.
  • No food, drinks (except for water or a sports drink), or gum in the studios.
  • No street shoes in studio 1 & No socks in all studios.
  • No running or rough play in the building, at all.
  • Please be quiet when classes are in session. Inside or outside of the class.
  • Only positive, encouraging, and uplifting speech is allowed.
  • Class time is a time to learn – please do not distract others from learning.
  • No hanging on the barres or touching the mirrors.
  • Students are not allowed in any studio without a teacher present.
  • Have fun!

Missed Classes

All missed classes due to illness, vacation, DFJ holidays/breaks (see list below) or inclement weather may be made up in another age appropriate class. To attend a make-up class you must go to the office first to pick up a make-up slip; no reservation required. We highly recommend not waiting until May & June to do make-ups because classes may be spending the majority of their time on choreography for our annual June performance. Only registered students can make up a missed class. Students not currently enrolled are no longer eligible to make up absences from previous enrollments. 

*In case of long periods of closure due to weather, an additional make up day may be available.

Cut-off date for signing up or switching classes is Feb. 28th.

Holiday Closures

The studio will be closed on the following holidays for the 2017/18 school year:

  • Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 4)
  • Halloween, Evening only.  (Tuesday, Oct. 31 *Bellingham classes beginning at 5:45pm or later and Lynden classes beginning at 3:45pm or later are cancelled and can me made up.)
  • Thanksgiving (Thursday, Nov. 23 & Friday, Nov. 24)
  • Christmas Break (Monday, Dec. 18 - Tuesday, Jan. 2)
  • Spring Break (Monday, April 2-6)
  • Memorial Day (Monday, May 28)

Tuition Costs

Registration Fee: (required to hold space in class) $25 per year/per family
* These rates are good through Summer of 2019. 

 A “month” for billing purposes is 4 weeks.

Class Rates:

First Student – 1 hr. class/per week $60/month
Additional Students or Additional 45 min. classes $50/month

Unlimited Dance Class Rates (5 or more classes)

First Student $275/month
Second Student $215/month
Each Additional $195/month

Performance Fees:

Performance Fee: TT – Level 2                                         $65 /per class

Performance Fee: Level 3-6                                              $85/per class

Summer Drop in Fee Fees:
$20 per class 
$70 for a 5 class punch card
$100 for a 10 class punch card

Summer Program Unlimited per student                   $375/ (9 wks)                   

$55 per person/ no registration fee

Private Lessons:
$60 for 60 minute lesson
$30 for 30 minute lesson
- 2 weeks advanced notice required
- Up to 3 students can split a lesson, each additional student is $10 per hour

Group Educational Rate Info:
Must be organized by the school or organization

Educational Rates - Schools, organizations, etc.
1 hour private class -  $125
2 hour private class - $175
*Note - add $25 to cost if location is NOT at DFJ 

Private Party Rates
1 hour private class - $150
2 hour private class - $200
*Note - add $25 to cost if location is NOT at DFJ 

Field Trips for pre-schools are FREE 

* If you have never had a Dancing For Joy class before, come in and enjoy your first class for free!!

*Anyone on unlimited rates or with a bill over $200 per month must be on an automatic payment plan.
* Late Fees are assessed, per month based on total amount owed - $5 if b/w $0-$100, $10 b/w $100-200 owing, $15 b/w $200-$300 owing, etc...

Tuition Policies

*When you register for a class, you are automatically registering for the entire school year.  Monthly tuition is charged until you drop the class online or notifiy the office that you are dropping a class.

1.  Dancing For Joy uses a web-based software program called The Studio Director that allows you to view the most current class schedules, register for classes, and pay anytime (24×7) from anywhere – even when our studio is closed. You may register online or at our studio. Your registration is considered complete once you pay the $25 Registration Fee, at which point your space will be held in the class.

2.  Tuition is due on the first of the month. We require a credit card be linked to your Studio Director account upon registration, even if you do not intend to pay via credit card each month. You may make your payment one of three ways:

  • a) GOOD: In our office by cash/check or a credit card other than the one linked to your Studio Director account.
  • b) BETTER: Online via The Studio Director at your leisure.
  • c) PREFERRED: Enroll in the Automatic Payment Plan via The Studio Director (automatically charges your credit card on the 1st of each month).

* If you choose option a or b, you must make your payment prior to the 10th of the month. If we don’t receive your payment, we will automatically charge the credit card linked to your account on the 11th, with an additional late fee of $5 if your past due amount is $0-$100, $10 late fee if your past dues are between $100-$200, $15 late fee charge if past due amount is $200-$300, etc.

3.  Our tuition is calculated in the following way: (based on one student taking one class)

  • Fall Session = 16 weeks of classes at $13.75 per week = $220 for the session. You may pay in 4 installments of $55/month (Sept-Dec).
  • Spring Session = 24 weeks at $13.75 per week = $330 for the session. You may pay in 6 installments of $55/month (Jan-June).
4.  We don’t pro-rate tuition or offer refunds once you are a registered student. If you drop a class in the middle of a billing cycle (see payment schedule), you are still responsible for the full month’s tuition. If you sign up mid-month for classes we will catch you up (pro-rate when signing up) to the current billing cycle, and then you will be billed according to our payment schedule.  Due on the first of each month and late by the 10th. (please note that the payment schedule is for 4 specific classes and may not follow the monthly dates exactly - see our payment schedule for the exact 4 classes that each payment covers.  We prefer that people set-up an automatic payment with us.) 

5.  Missed Classes.  Missed classes (due to illness, DFJ closures, vacation or inclement weather) may be made up in another age appropriate class in either art or dance classes. To attend a make-up class you must go to the office first to pick up a make-up slip. It is not necessary to register for a make-up class ahead of time. 

Performance Fees cover cost for the following:

  • A costume chosen by DFJ staff - Costume is yours to keep
  • Props (if applicable)
  • Dance instruction, choreography and rehearsals prior to the show conducted by DFJ staff 
  • Associated Costs: Administrative costs, ordering, shipping/handling, restocking fees, exchange fees, rush orders, non-returnables, and the 8.5% sales tax

Monthly Payment Schedule – (due by 1st, late by 10th of each month)

Each monthly payment, pays for 4 weeks b/w the following dates:

September   4 weeks (Monday, August 28th – Saturday, September 23rd)
October       4 weeks (Monday, September 25th – Saturday, October 21st)
November    4 weeks (Monday, October 23rd – Saturday, November 18th)
December    4 weeks (Monday, November 20th – Saturday, December 16th)
January     4 weeks (Monday, January 1st – Saturday, January 27th)
February   4 weeks (Monday, January 29th – Saturday, February 24th)
March       4 weeks (Monday, February 26th – Saturday, March 24th)
April         4 weeks (Monday, March 26th – Saturday, April 21st)
May         4 weeks (Monday, April 23rd – Saturday, May 19th)
June       4 weeks (Monday, May 21st – Saturday, June 16th)